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Running NVIDIA GTX 1070 SLI

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If I had to pick a video card setup in your shoes I would go with the NVIDIA GTX 1070 dual SLI set-up. It's solid and outperforms most benchmarks for 1080, 1060, and 900 series standalone/SLI bundles.

What are you picking for your next graphics card?


Next card will be exactly what you just suggested, at the moment I currently have a 970.


The 970 has been one of the best cards for its performance and cost effectiveness. It nearly placed itself in the same performance range as a 980 for what it was worth too it was relatively cheaper as well. So the 970 stayed in the win-win range for over 2 years.

Even to this day 970 is capable of playing most games including Battlefield 1.


Cough cough... 970 & win don't really belong in the same sentence.

Disregarding the whole 3.5GB vram deal it just didn't perform as well as the AMD 390.

I'm just going to say this from the start of my time here, I'm not a fanboy of ANY company, I am biased to the best performance for the same money, if AMD beats Nvidia for the same $400 so be it, however as history shows, there are treands with GPU's and they start with Nvidia coming out strong at launch then nerfing drivers close to the release of the next generation GPU's, while AMD starts a little slow out of the gates but with driver tweaks tends to take the wins in time.

Also AMD has more support for DX12 and that helps a lot with the upcoming games.

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