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I'm sick of being a code monkey. 
I Want to code freely.
I want to program adventurously.
I want to program crisper/cas9, genetic algorithms, distributed processing systems... and more
I want linguistic and mathematic analyses to be 2nd nature to me.

I have a decent job now. $68/hr
I can buy a Crispr kit. I can buy pretty cheap lab tools.
I'm very focused on a select set of things heavily hosted in STEM fields.

Just wanting to vent.
and find other people that are just as passionate.

I've been thinking about making a "kickstarter/patron" site for Dedicated Developers. Futuristic Developers. Culture Grown Developers. Not Corporate grown developers.
Fear has destroyed my ability to learn and progress on my developments. 
Freedom to code with people's faith behind me would be an interesting experience. I could do so much. I'm sure a lot of developers could. A lot of bio-hackers. A lot of engineers.
Things are getting cheaper.
We pay taxes. We pay tide. We donate millions to kick-start or go-fund projects and causes. I think it'd be interested if there was a platform like that but PURELY for innovative developers.
Even under ridiculous conditions.
Where the developer must live stream his day to day life. (maybe this stems strongly from another curiosity I've had through the years, but very relevant to the life I'm willing to live to focus 100% on my work & goals)


I'm sorry but I'm totally confused... ?


(01-04-2017, 02:19 PM)Someone Wrote: I'm sorry but I'm totally confused... ?
I apologize for my vent styled ranting but basically:
There should be a platform for powerfully skilled hardcore developers to accept donations.
Like Patreon but for hardcore developers. Being a developer isn't easy.

Here are the topics on Patreon... Do you see "programming" anywhere?
Drawing & Painting
Crafts & DIY
Dance & Theater
New & Noteworthy

Most developers can't roll out new products all the time. That's understandable. Features maybe. That could help keep the momentum going on certain projects that want to be crowdfunded.
I'm not just trying to crowdfund products and services. 
Not specific ones at least. I'm trying to crowdfund "Tech Sages", "Programming Wizards", "Cyber Cults"

Programming is a huge part of my life, as I'm sure it is for many other developers.
As technological advancements accelerate, it's difficult to build meaningful systems. Development time, quality and early adoption are the biggest issues. 
When someone decides to donate, I don't want them to just donate to a product or service, but to donate to their "Tech Representative". People throw money at churches all the time thinking; "They know what to do with the money". They do the same for non profits; "They'll make good use of my money".

This is about exalting those who wish to dedicate their lives to these emerging technologies and fully master them. Put their wing over the community that supports them. Etc Blah Etc Blah Blah . It's not just a cold hard "return of investment".

I see podcasts and streamers TALK all the time about "MUCH TECHNOLOGY! SO CHANGE! NEW FUTURE!"
but these are often just figure heads that are making money ( often by asking for donations as well ) off of the hype. They vaguely-kinda-sorta-ish know what they're talking about. Anyone can wrap their head around concepts, but they're not driving the research groups.

I wish I could run a podcast & screenshare all day of me just coding, building etc.
Nothing but that. Real stuff. Interacting with my community. Getting opinions, getting back to the code. Sharing it. Explaining it.
It doesn't just help listeners, but it helps developers to "think out loud" and grind through their work.

That would be the sickest experience ever.

I'll slap something together as soon as I can (a few months at best)

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