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Monetize Your Site //BETA //Earn Good

(This post was last modified: 12-31-2016, 05:07 PM by curkill.)

Hey fellas,

i am here to tell you an easy way to monetize your free adspace as a websiteowner.

The thing is, that the Service we will be using, is still in the beta, and i have recieved several invites, on which i can invite website owners.

So if you would be interested in turning your adspace in real profit, no popup 1 ct earning crap, but nice good looking banner ads,
then please write me a message on how to contact you (email/skype/xmpp/...)

There are 13/15 invites left.

Information the message should contain:

The Website's URL: test(dot)com
Alexa Rank: 1348453
Way to Contact you: [email protected](dot)com/ [email protected](dot)am (xmpp)/skype: test



Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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