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Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon?


In the battle of the big three movie/show subscription services. Who do you prefer?

I personally like Netflix a lot. But lately Amazon has been winning my taste when it comes to their Prime exclusive content. Netflix needs to push more of their own quicker.


Hulu its like cable but a lo cheeper


I personally would prefer amazon!


Hulu and Netflix mainly because these two offer a 1 month trial which you can just constantly use over and over again, lol. Personally going to try out SlingTV and see how it goes but I'll probably only use it for sports and such since I believe it is a real alternative to getting cable.


Netflix is good but shit. Hulu at leasts updates their shows but fucking hate ads.


Netflix because fuck ads lol.


Netflix is definitely my favourite. As some others have already said, it has no ads which is a massive bonus.
I personally prefer series over films, and Netflix have their own sort of series. One of my favourite films was made into a series by Netflix and it is just as good as the film.

And overall I just generally like the layout of it and how it works, very clean and easy to use.


Netflix and Hulu are some of the best services I've used. Netflix is way easier to navigate and for some reason faster, but Hulu also has a lot of great shows that Netflix doesn't.

I'd say they're pretty good rivals.

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