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Help choose a case?


I need some recommendations for a case. I want a small-ish case as of now that can support a Micro ATX motherboard, I believe that's the one I will have. I don't know the exact specifications for the dimensions but I would like to imagine you guys can just recommend me whatever and I can check for compatibility. I would appreciate if there was a good amount of ventilation (3-4 vents would be nice or maybe 1 big vent and 1 or 2 small ones)

I prefer a case that came with free shipping (I don't care about shipping time though) and something around the $20 - $40 range.


Just jump onto Newegg.com. Why bother getting a small case? You can always in the future invest into a bigger motherboard and use the compatible sizes for later use. Cases are typically a big long term commitment. I choose the Corsair Carbide 540 series case.

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I can recommend:

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