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Do you believe in aliens?


Do you guys believe in aliens?

There are many people that think alien are fictional, and it's all fake, but there are many factors that show extraterrestrial life exits.

I'll run some through with you, and you can give me your opinions, as this is a subject i'm also interested about.

1. To start it off, the universe is a pretty big place. We live in The Milky Way Galaxy which has many planets, now this isn't the only galaxy, there is billions of other galaxies, so think of the amount of other planets there is? To make assumptions about a universe based on only one planet (Earth) can't be true, there is billions of planets out there in different galaxies.

2. There’s basically a giant space ship at the bottom of the ocean, in 2011 a Swedish diving company was exploring the Baltic Sea looking for treasure when they found a 60 meter circular object at the end of a stretch that looks like a runway. What other ships do you see circular?

3. This Phone Call.

In 1997 radio program Coast to Coast AM, then hosted by Art Bell, aired a call from a frantic man who claimed to be an ex-Area 51 employee. Not only was the call suddenly cut off after the man claimed “they” would triangulate his position soon but the entire show was knocked off the air without explanation. After a few minutes, Coast to Coast went back on using back up equipment, but the caller never contacted them again.

4. Witness accounts of the Roswell UFO Incident. In 2012, retired CIA agent Chase Brandon performed an interview with The Huffington Post talking about the Roswell UFO incident, he told that the debris recovered was not a weather balloon, and claimed it did not come from this planet. Perhaps it’s a massive conspiracy of a bunch of bored south-westerners, but how do you get so many people to lie about something like this?

There is many other facts out there explaining alien life. Let me know your opinions if you believe aliens or not, and give me explanations based on your answers, this is a very interesting subject to discuss.

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