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Coffee Zone Logo


I made this for a school project last year. So I know it's not perfect but I think its decent.

One bad thing is that the O's look like E's I guess Also the letters could be smoother I suppose.

[Image: 500a7a8309834612b1bf14071d28113c.png]


It's a good logo overall, however I feel like it would look better with white instead of black. The lettering could use work and the curves in general. The curves are very choppy, etc. Did you do this in Illustrator or Photosohp? If Illustrator you should go ahead and move around the pen tool points so that it can adjust correctly so it won't look so odd of a curve.


I think this logo is amazing! The only thing I would change as said in previous comment, the lettering curves looks a little "choppy" and could go with the flow more. Other than that it would be a 10/10
From me!

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