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Moon Landings?


What does everything think about the moon landings? Were they faked? Were they real?

There are so many things that people have brought up about why it is fake, such as,

- The flag moving.
- There being some sort of letter "C" on a rock making it look like a prop.
- Shadows going in different directions as if there were multiple sources of light.

Those are just a few of the many reasons. But NASA always seem to be able to explain it.

- The flag could have been moving because of wind caused by the craft landing somehow.
- Could have been a hair on the camera, or I also heard that they showed original photos and that C isn't on the original photo?
- Something to do with the moon that would make the shadows go in different directions.

I'm not really sure about it, we saw the people going up in the rocket didn't we? Where would they have gone? Or was it just on TV so it could have been faked? These days, anything could be faked so I am really not sure.

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